Laura Su

BS Exercise Science, NSCA-CSCS, USAW L1, Pn1, RPR L1, KI-Master

Hey there! My name is Laura Su. I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist, entrepreneur, and powerlifter. I love lifting heavy weights, sleep, science, food, horses, puppies, and more sleep.

I grew up in Seattle, WA where I spent most of my childhood on the back of a horse. Begrudgingly, I went to Seattle Pacific University (because horse trainers don’t need college degrees!) where I joined the women’s rowing team. That was where I really found my love for athletics and working in the weight room. I was already committed to an exercise science degree (because other than riding horses, I loved to workout), and that set me up on my path to becoming a strength and conditioning specialist. 

Shortly after I graduated from SPU, I started working at a commercial gym that shall not be named as a personal trainer. And while I loved working with the people and helping them improve, I hated the gym itself. I hated being told to sell people on more expensive training packages and how my time was what I was paid for, not my expertise. That led me to starting my own training business where I now do personal training, nutrition coaching, and online coaching. 

Now I work as a strength coach at a premier sports conditioning facility in Bellevue, WA while running my business, LS Training. I prioritize and value educating my clients with what’s really true out there in the world of fitness and nutrition, because we all know there’s still a lot of misinformation floating around. I’m here to help you if you’re seeking truth in training and food and want to take a no BS approach to making gains!

I’m a one woman show. You can often find me working on my biz; planning and creating educational content, programming for my clients, developing marketing strategies, networking, and soaking the stuff I provide my clients with as much value as I possibly can.

I'll be in the gym training with my loyal pups, Rogue and Rain. Contact me to learn more!


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Who Am I?

Laura - I’m just a tenacious, stubborn, and headstrong human who’s determined to change the narrative that is currently the fitness industry, call it out for it’s BS, and present you with how to train effectively and sustainably. 

Entrepreneur - I love building to make my business work for me so I can continue to do the things I love while helping others to the best of my ability. 

Trainer - I not only work with people to teach them how to workout and eat right, but help them uncover why they want to get fitter, stronger, and healthier. I provide them with well-designed programs that work and challenge them to be self sufficient and learn how to train, not just workout.

Powerlifter - I love to compete and I love being strong so powerlifting gives me the best of both worlds. I’ve finished on the podium at Regional and State Championship events and have my eyes set on Nationals.

Horse girl - I’ve loved horses since I was a tiny kid and that’ll never change! (peep the cute senior photos of me and my main squeeze!)

Girlfriend/daughter/sister - I’m fiercely loyal to my loved ones and value my relationships with those close to me.

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