The Lifting Checklist

Master your main lifts and train with confidence in your technique in the front squat, back squat, bench press, sumo deadlift, and conventional deadlift.

So you’re ready to get strong. You’re ready to be that badass guy or gal in the gym lifting heavy barbells. You want to put up big squats, pull big deadlifts, and press big benches.

But you have that small voice in the back of your head that says, “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

I get it! I’ve been there too. I was plagued with lack of confidence in my knowledge and technique in basic barbell movements. It wasn’t until I began to learn how to lift appropriately that I began to really gain confidence and start pushing myself in the weight room.

I wish I had had the Lifting Checklist when I was starting out! I put this guide together for anyone who lacks confidence in technique and is trying to get strong on their own. 

This guide is for anyone who

Wants to learn how to squat, bench, and deadlift safely and correctly

Understands basic barbell movements, but needs to know what to look for and how to fix issues

Wants to learn how to strengthen common weaknesses 

This guide includes

Step-By-Step movement breakdowns for the back squat, front squat, bench press, conventional deadlift, and sumo deadlift

Tips for grip, foot placement, positioning, filming lifts, and more

Common weaknesses/sticking points in lifts and exercises & drills to fix them


Whether you are just trying to improve your technique or trying to put some pounds on your lifts, the Lifting Checklist will definitely help you out!

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